1. SO I’m Officially enrolled in a University… REEEElax its only Cal State Fullerton

    I do have the grades to enroll in the fancy ones but I said fuck that I’m paying for this shit myself and I dont want to spend the rest of my life paying this junk.

    Plus I’m Mexican and there are a lot of latin people at my school so they not handing out scholarships because there are too many of us now… Or I could go the lying route and say I’m like .00000001% Indian

    yeah not going to happen.

    So just for two classes Imma be in debt for awhile, not including the other shit I have to pay for like my car, insurance, christmas gifts and so on because Im still gonna be going to my other school to finish getting my certificate in visual merchandising.

    ¬†Yeah that’s right 2 classes 1,665….